It is a wonderful opportunity to expose children to this fast growing world,as they are able to think globally.It also helps them to broaden their insight and outlook. Learning is meant to be fun as long as possible as it remains embedded in the memory of the child.Children are totally enthralled as they participate in various fun filled activities.Such activities keep them fresh & active for the whole day and they enjoy every bit of it.In pursuit of this endeavor,we have installed open gym also in the School.


These days children are rarely seen playing outdoor,carried away by other attractions like T.V.and Computer Games,they miss the joy of outdoor play. Playing any sport,be it cricket,hockey,football,tennis or simply Kho-Kho is obviously an exciting activity on the play field, Where children play,sight,learn to share &care,agree & disagree and thus develop a healthy & tolerant attitude towards life & the world around them.Playing Outdoors is more joyful and it enriches a child's development in many ways.


Education is for the mind and what food is for the body and prayers one for the soul.E-Learning has taken the platform of teaching to another level.The School has successfully introduced E-Learning to enhance Student's academic performance with simple,practical & meaningful use of technology.Students enjoy the teaching through smart boards as it is quite interesting to understand the complicated things very easily.


Regular school bus ply on different routes, School transport facility is available on almost all routes which can be discussed at the time of admission.

No new routes or stops will be created unless it is warranted by sufficient demand and does not effect the bus timings or cause inconveience to other students using the bus. Students who are insubordinate, rowdy or who cause annoyance and discomfort to their fellow passengers will not be permitted to use the bus.


Computer Education at CPS is an integral part of the school curriculum. It starts from the primary section where students are impartedcomputer aided teaching with projectors and panaboards.
The spacious computer lab is fully air conditioned having latest high tech. computers and latest software with latest deskjet printers, scanner and CD writer.

There is a full time engineer who looks after software and hardware problems of the lab.


The SCHOOL HAS FIVE SPACIOUS, WELL FIT AND EXTENSIVE LABS ONE EACH FOR Physics, Chemestry, Biology, Maths and Engg.Graphics. They are always well stocked and equipped as per CBSE norms, having additional facilities for scientific investigations too.

The visual display of readymade modals and also made by enthusiastic students, non-corrosive table tops and abundant supply of expandable and non expandable stores and expert guidance of the staff and lab, assistants inculeate a scientific temper amongst the students.


We live in a reading world. Reading makes life more meaningful, improves ways of thinking, enriches cultural background and above all influences a child's mental growth.

Keeping these factors in mind the school not only has class libraries but a fully computerized automated library well stocked with over 15000 books on all subjects ans fiction.

A plethora of textual material is available in the form of encyclopedias, journals, newspapers, magazines and the likes for veritable enjoyment and learning.

The Library provides open access system to the users.


Handicrafts, Meal Planning and Computer Programming form a major part in SUPW. Special arrangements have been made for all Meal Planning, whereby children can learn the nutritive values of different food products.


The school can boast of a large, specious and air-conditioned conference hall for conducting workshops, seminars and meetings.

The hall is fully computerized and special seating arrangemnets have been made for individual interaction.