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Vice-Principal's Desk

Ms.Sunita Kaul

Vice-Principal (Crescent Public School)

Vice-Principal's desk

Dear Children, Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement.Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.Whenever you select a goal for yourself,ask yourself the following questions before proceeding towards pursuing your goal: i)Am i really interested in the goal? ii)Am i confident of achieving it? iii)Am i ready to bear gracefully any number of failures? If the reply to all these questions is affirmative,then no power on earth can dare to stop you from achieving your counted goal. Never be afraid of growing slowly,be afraid only of standing still.Most important in life is never to get deterred by failure which grips you at any stage.Failure is not incurable and the best medicine for it is 'patience and preservence.' No great achievement can be achieved by any person in a single effort.Since you are entering on accelerating world of change in every area of life,you need to keep your balance you moving ahead.